My Fanfiction pseudonym is "Tsubame Ongaku," which means 'swallow' (bird) and Music respectively.

I've been using it since I was sixteen years old and though I am now much older, I still use it when I write fanfiction.

This is where I post stuff from my favorite fandoms and where I geek about my favorite fandoms. So, you will find my fanfiction works, fandubs and etc.
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'Read Books' - Animated lettering
Static version here
You can purchase this poster for $8 over here (not animating, obv)

As soon as the sun went down beyond the sea, the swans threw off their feathers and there stood eleven handsome Princes. They were her brothers, and, although they were greatly altered, she knew in her heart that she could not be mistaken. She cried aloud, and rushed into their arms, calling them each by name. The Princes were so happy to see their little sister. And they knew her at once, for all that she had grown tall and lovely. They laughed, and they cried, and they soon realized how cruelly their stepmother had treated them all.
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Illustration by obsidian (Wooh NaYoung)
{OUAT Unpopular Opinion} Kristoff and Elsa Thoughts

I have never been a big fan of Kristoff in the Frozen movie … 

… maybe it is just me but why does he seem to have a lot more Chemistry with Elsa than Anna and he did in the movie (in my opinion)? I accept that it is probably my imagination, but I can’t seem to help shipping the two of them now. It really doesn’t help that their banter is so cute. 


A Sweet Life: Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf


A blog entry I wrote about Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf.

Even in Cagayan de Oro, I’ve been to “The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf” several times with my friends. It doesn’t matter whether I am in Manila or Cagayan de Oro, my friends unanimously love it. It should probably be a relief since I do as well and it is one of my favorite haunts when I want to reward myself.

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