My Fanfiction pseudonym is "Tsubame Ongaku," which means 'swallow' (bird) and Music respectively.

I've been using it since I was sixteen years old and though I am now much older, I still use it when I write fanfiction.

This is where I post stuff from my favorite fandoms and where I geek about my favorite fandoms. So, you will find my fanfiction works, fandubs and etc.
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Princess Aurora paper doll


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call yourself cute, it’s good for you


Made me think of you, tsubameongaku, haha.

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Gundam Seed High School Pixels



image(based from Stellar’s fish tank)

by: Kkornelia

So I was digging through my LJ when I stumbled upon this.
My, how long has it been? I’ve forgotten all about my own fanworks.
Still so cute! >_< I want to get back into pixel art.