My Fanfiction pseudonym is "Tsubame Ongaku," which means 'swallow' (bird) and Music respectively.

I've been using it since I was sixteen years old and though I am now much older, I still use it when I write fanfiction.

This is where I post stuff from my favorite fandoms and where I geek about my favorite fandoms. So, you will find my fanfiction works, fandubs and etc.
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Today the question is… What’s your favorite Heroine? 
A Sweet World,: La Pomme: Homemade Kiddie Supermarket

I met Apol Massebieau, creator of La Pomme while exploring Rowell on my first day. Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t know who she was at first. Only found out the next day. I found her toys really charming so I decided to blog about them!


The Boy Who Drank Stars
by Jin Joson

I designed this outfit for Howl, taking elements from traditional Japanese clothing and mixing it with the iconic coat he wears in the film. I also gave him a fox mask because there are parts of him that remind me of kitsune from folklore — mischievous shape-shifting tricksters with magical abilities, who can turn out to be wise and loyal guardians.
I invite you to get a better look at the illustration and read more about my thought process and the meaning behind the work on my art blog post. Please enjoy!
A Sweet World,

My new writing blog!

While I love tumblr, writing and blogging were my first loves. I simply lost touch of it over the years, but I am now trying to get the habit back. I want to do something other than reblog, so this time I am hoping to be able to talk more about my interests and the places I go.

My first entry is about the ‘Kawaii in Manila 2' Convention.It also includes a new entry about 'Cupcakes by Sonja.' I hope you enjoy it!


Sailor Lolita Moon by Ayasal